Nothing happens by chance, if we go by this theory then there must be some reasons for writing this article, yes there are, sometimes it’s personal and sometimes it’s social. I always think that can I motivate someone, don’t know because motivation is a relative concept, I always think why I need someone from outside to motivate me, it’s my life, if I will do something good then it’s going to make my life better only, anyways I always try to inspire others by bringing stories of those strugglers who became successful and if they can do then anyone can do but whether they actually get motivated or not is not in my hand because motivation is not only listening but to act.

I never met a person in my life, to whom failures never happened, but the thing which is of utmost importance is the way these failures are taken by as every failure results into two ways-
1) To learn from the failure and prepare yourself again
2) And the easy way is to ‘QUIT’
I met a person during an Interview and after giving him a brief introduction of myself, I asked him about his educational background, gently he said
1) B.Com (H) (First class)
2) Post Graduate in Commerce
4) Chartered Financial Analyst
5) Post Graduate in Finance
6) Post graduation in Accounts and Taxation
7) Post graduation in Secretarial Practices (Compliances and all)
8) Post Graduate in Management.
9) He wrote Poems and Articles and was excited about to print a book in the near future; he also talked about his future plans, future projects and education
And After listening to this much I was like wooohhh and started thinking about my chances for the job but suddenly I was more interested in his life, to know whether he is lying or actually have these much of degrees, how he achieved this, so to start with I asked him about his age
“26”, he said
So how you manage to hold these much of degrees at such an age?
He started laughing
I didn’t understood the reason behind his smile
He continued, “It’s the human tendency and nature to see the castle but never to see the efforts, struggle, sleepless nights, shattered dreams, failures and sacrifices that a person make to built that castle,”
“People always see the colour of the grass on other side but how many are actually willing to put up efforts to make that grass green”
I didn’t understood in what contrast he was talking about but I find him quite interesting
He further continued
Passed out from university in 07 with a first class degree
YEAR 2008
ü Tried for MBA in 08
(but didn’t cleared any MBA exam, thought to quit the dream of doing MBA, but quitting is not my cup of tea so decided to try it next year)
ü Father lost his kidneys and was on dialysis
(the biggest failure in my life which start the journey of my struggle of taking him to the hospital for dialysis, to see my father crying in front of me, to see him dying day by day but this period also formed an attitude in me that never ever to quit)
ü Tried for first level of Post Graduate course of Accounts and Taxation
(But someone leaked the paper so had to give the exam again)
ü Again gave First level Exam
(but this time I failed the exam decided to quit as I was more interested in doing MBA but again a question came, “do you really want to tag yourself as a failure? NO, so decided to give the exam again)
ü Third time lucky
(Finally I made it to the next level in the third attempt, it was a relaxed feeling that at least I have proved myself by not quitting and suddenly the confidence increases.)
ü Started CFA in 08 and cleared first two level
(Confidence my sky high, now can achieve anything but something other was in store)
YEAR 2009
ü Lost my father at the start of 09
(something that can never ever be replaced, apart from personal struggle this marks the beginning of financial struggle as well as responsibility of the family on my shoulders)
ü Tried for MBA in 09
(again didn’t cleared any MBA exam, thought to quit the dream of doing MBA, but quitting is not my cup of tea so decided to again try it next year)
ü Failed next level of CFA
(After my father’s death, I failed the third level of CFA, but somehow was able to clear in the next level)
ü Dilemma
(Nothing was happening at that time, every relative was putting pressure on me to quit studies and start earning, but somewhere down the line, I trusted my intuitions that it is the testing time, so don’t quit, keep on struggling, so I decided to continue my studies)
YEAR 2010
ü MBA exam cleared
(was able to cleared the MBA exam but financial position didn’t allowed me to opt for MBA neither I wanted to put pressure on my mother for money, so decided to postpone it for next year but not to drop the dream of doing MBA)
ü Failed second level of Post graduation course of Accounts and Taxation
(lol, you must be thinking that have I ever done anything apart from Failing, but I am telling you whatever happened in my life, again I decided to prepare again for the exam but not to quit)
ü Failed 4th level of cfa
(oooh ghosh, no words to explain)
           Later 2010 and YEAR 2011 ( the year of positive results)
ü MBA Admission
( finally took admission in MBA)
ü Cleared CFA and post graduation in Commerce
(Finally cleared CFA and post graduation in Commerce)
ü Cleared second level of Post Graduation of Accounts and taxation
(Finally cleared the second level)
And life is still going on, and this is how I achieved what I am today
I narrated you my story not to gain any sympathy, I seriously hate that, I know there were many ups and downs in my life but what the best thing I did was not to quit and whenever the life gave me a blow, I tried to fight back.
I also know that this is not the end of my struggles, life ends but struggle never, I am a believer that life is a bitch that’s going to bite everyone, if today is my turn then may be tomorrow it’s yours, but what is more important is how we manage and handle these failures, trust me friend whatever happens, happens for a reason, may be today we don’t know the reason but in future we will realise the reason for failure and will be able to correlate, every failure teaches you something, it is up to us whether we actually want to learn or not because most of us quit after the failures.
Suddenly his name was called for the interview
Ok, brother, got to go, it was nice talking to you, hope that my little strugglful yet not to quit life story will make an impact on your life and will motivate and whenever you want to quit after a failure just think about me that if that guy without any resources and with so many failures can do then why can’t I? We never realise the real potential within us, keep on fighting, never ever quit because

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